im pink ok

15 | she/they lesbian | check about!


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i was diagnosed baby at birth and to this day it is still true

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Yeah you

You're worthy of love and acceptance.




soft pink mikan stimboard with paint mixing for anon! i hope u like it, mikan! lmk if you need anything changed!

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THANK YOU!!!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

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relationship dynamics where one is >:3 and the other is (οΌβ€Έαƒš) reblog if you agree

6 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my birthday....soon (9 days)

i love.... michael myers

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this is my dirtsona

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im like a stardew valley character but at 1 heart i already love you and at 4 hearts you can successfully give me the bouquet

watching halloween again


it feels weird!!!!!!!! the site i watched it on (vimeo) has spanish subs taking up like a fourth of the screen so this version is difficult to follow with only audio!!!!

but its nice because vimeo’s quality was really grimy and dark!!! during the intro scene while michael takes off with loomis’ car, you could barely see michael at ALL, but the with the dvd you can see his skin (even if for a brief moment LMAO)

only about 15 minutes into the movie so far but the visuals are so much BETTER

EEEYYYAHHHHHHH i found a copy of the 1978 halloween at the store. if i disappear for many many many hours at a time PLEASE assume im just rewatching it again and again and again.

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i saw this before but i think waterfall deserves one too? so rb this and say smthin nice abt the person you reblogged it from because we need more positivity to bring each other together

"This or That"

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For anyone to do! (Not to ask people, you just answer in the tags what you'd pick!)

Sky or Sea? Moon or Sun? Rural or Urban? Fangs or Horns? Bath or Shower? Ghosts or Aliens? Books or Movies? Morning or Night? Candle or Incense? Vanilla or Lavender? Garden or Meadow? Pokemon or Digimon? Adventurous or Cautious?